Kyla Pascal

VOTE Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator (Edmonton) 

Kyla is a Métis, Black woman born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.  Over the years Kyla has worked with a number of non-profits as well as in the Edmonton food and coffee industry. It was through her work in these two areas where she gained her interest in food sustainability, accessibility, and the ways in which food play a significant role in our lives. A University of Alberta graduate with a Community Service-Learning certificate Kyla now works with the Alberta Public Interest Research Group and Apathy is Boring. She continues to work on community advocacy and engagement through her work, volunteering, and daily interactions. When she isn’t fighting for social justice you can find her checking out a comedy show or walking her dogs in the river valley.  

"I love the way Apathy is Boring approaches youth engagement. They make engaging with our communities fun, collaborative, and accessible. Apathy is Boring places a lot of emphasis on relationship building and maintaining those relationships in meaningful and effective ways. 

I joined Apathy is Boring as a volunteer over a year ago because I was drawn to the for youth by youth approach to community work and the variety of ways the organization engages with the community whether that be through workshops, attending concerts, or planning town hall events there's such a diversity in the ways they reach the community and I really appreciate that."